Measure. Restore. Prosper.

Gallo and Galli helps communities, organizations, and governments access financial resources to maximize the restoration and preservation of natural capital

How we can help you

We answer four basic questions for our clients:

1. What projects offer a unique opportunity to preserve and restore natural capital?
2. Who are the best partners to successfully execute those projects?
3. What is the right team and approach to execute the projects in our natural capital portfolio?
4. What is the sustainable way to share the natural dividend?

We have a network of partners and connections within the sustainability industry, which we can leverage to provide tailored solutions to your specific needs. Whether you are a local landowner or a large corporation, Gallo and Galli can provide the expertise and guidance needed to achieve your natural capital goals.

We bring key stakeholders to the table


We help measure the existing natural capital in your land and calculate its restoration potential

We bring a value-based perspective on natural capital, typically not captured by traditional valuation techniques 

Project Developers

We help you find projects that have a unique opportunity to protect and restore natural capital, ensuring the full potential is extracted

We team up with you to find the right sources of funds 

We work together to build the business case

Organizations looking to become carbon-neutral

We identify projects that can match your carbon-neutrality goals and requirements

We connect you with the right project owners and developers 

We set up a project office to ensure achievement of your goals and tracki project progress

Local Communities

We help leaders understand the benefits of projects in their areas and communicate adequately to their community members

We ensure carbon projects have the right safeguards in place to protect their interests


We help governments embrace the concept of natural capital so that it gets included in legislation and in policy making 

We provide advice on how to meet carbon reduction goals

Our work

Jurisdictional REDD+ program in South America 

We are assisting the Province of Misiones, in Argentina, to develop the world’s first jurisdictional program for a territory covering almost 30,000 square kilometers (11,600 sq. miles). Estimated 10 million VCUs expected to be issued during the second half of 2024.

Key activities include:

  1. Negotiated a pivotal emissions reduction procurement agreement with the offtaker, setting the stage for transformative environmental action.
  2. Played a key role in shaping legislation, ensuring the creation of a robust legal framework, crucial for sustainable progress.
  3. Led a multidisciplinary team, collaborating with high-ranking officials across Finance, Climate Change, and Ecology departments, orchestrating the efforts of over 15 dedicated staff members towards a unified mission.
  4. Facilitated technical experts in crafting a comprehensive Project Design Document (PDD), a cornerstone in presenting our initiative to carbon credit standards, securing credibility and viability.
  5. Provided steadfast support to local authorities throughout rigorous audit processes, ensuring compliance and fostering trust in our endeavors.
  6. Engineered a dynamic communication strategy, amplifying our message and engaging stakeholders at every level.
  7. Spearheaded the management of inquiries from potential investors eager to participate in purchasing jurisdictional carbon credits, driving forward momentum towards impactful investment opportunities.

Improved Forest Management (IFM) project in South America

We’re helping a group of private landowners sell 49,000 hectares of land in one of South America’s most biodiverse regions. This land will be used for an improved forest management project that not only produces a substantial amount of carbon credits but also enhances the value of sustainably extracted wood. The project aims to generate around 130,000 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) annually while safeguarding 4,000 species, including 65 endangered ones. Additionally, it has the potential to yield 100,000 cubic meters of biomass and conserve over 200,000 cubic meters of water each year.

Climate Finance advisory to governments

In 2023 were consulted by a bank in the Republic of El Salvador on implementing a debt swap in exchange for natural assets. A similar solution had been previously presented to a national government in South America in 2022.

In June 2024, we will lead a pivotal training session to empower local governments in Perú, addressing the critical challenges of implementing a REDD+ jurisdictional carbon credit program

Waste management facility in South America

We provided expert guidance to one of our clients in crafting the financial model and business plan for a waste management facility in Uruguay. Processing over 100 tons of waste daily, this endeavor serves as a vital solution to a pressing challenge faced by the local government.

Adoption of new technologies

We have been entrusted by a leading stock exchange in Southeast Asia to devise the optimal solution for implementing an electronic carbon exchange platform. Collaborating with a strategic partner in Europe, we are actively exploring innovative alternatives to achieve this goal.

Carbon Trading

We represent buyers and sellers to execute carbon credit OTC transactions.

Who we are

Max Galli


After 10 years as a management consultant and 5 years advising governments on public finance, Max has been working on climate finance for over 6 years.

As part of this commitment to sustainability, he is actively involved in sustainable agriculture, voluntary carbon credit markets and natural capital. He has been also involved in lithium and renewable energy projects.

Max is currently professor at the Universidad Católica Argentina and is a board member in privately owned companies.

Luis Felipe (LF) Segura Gallo


LF is passionate about solving the climate change problem and has been focusing on this problem for several years. He is a technology industry executive with experience scaling start-ups, leading high performing global teams, and executing large-scale complex projects.

He spent over 18 years delivering transformational projects as a management consultant with PwC and has significant industry background across finance, telecommunications, and technology. He has personal interests in natural capital, sustainability, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance.

LF has studies focused on Forest Management, from the University of Michigan